This series of Addendums provide results from the main paper "Quark Energy Distributions Within Baryonic Sub-Atomic Particles", (P11), for all Baryonic particles with intrinsic angular momenta of J = 1/2hBar and J = 3/2hBar.

Addendum 1, (P11A1 Ver. 1.0.0) - This first Addendum covers selected Lamda Particles with J = 1/2hBar.

Addendum 2, (P11A2 Ver. 1.0.0) - The second Addendum covers selected Sigma particles with J = 1/2hBar.

Addendum 3, (P11A3 Ver. 1.2.0) - The third Addendum covers selected Xi and Xi/ particles with J = 1/2hBar

Addendum 4, (P11A4 Ver. 1.2.0) - The fourth Addendum covers selected Omega particles with J = 1/2hBar
Also covered in this Addendum is a summary review of all anomalies/questions determined to date from the earlier investigations.

Addendum 5, (P11A5 Ver 1.0.0) - The fifth Addendum covers selected Delta particles with J = 3/2hBar.

Addendums 6, 7 and 8, (P11A6 Ver. 1.0.0) - The final Addendum combines Addendums 6, 7 and 8 into one paper and covers Sigma*, Xi*, Omega- and Omega* particles with J = 3/2hBar. Also covered in this Addendum is a detailed discussion of the mechanism that initially triggers a Baryon particle decay.

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